International Projects Group

Americas - Asia Pacific - Europe & Africa - Caspian - Middle East

A separate but complimentary business arm to our distribution and external lighting facilities, our International Projects Group is an experienced independent materials integrator, providing a world class specialist service for the sourcing, supply and management of explosion proof/flame proof, industrial and marine electrical products, lighting systems and cables to our global project clients.

With our International Projects Group facilities in the United Kingdom and East & West Coast Australia, along with associated DNOW facilities across 20+ countries we provide experienced and efficient world-wide customer support for our materials, services and solutions.

We offer assistance with material specification and selection, sourcing, supplier bid evaluation, purchasing, certification, documentation, translation, inspection, packing, logistics, materials management and technical support to ensure trouble-free supply, anywhere in the world.

We supply single product orders, although we offer best added value when we tender for full packages of cables, lighting and electrical bulk materials which include cables, lighting, cable tray & ladder, control stations, junction boxes, grounding, heat trace, cable accessories and the multitude of other products within our scope, resulting in our clients having only one competent and experienced quality supplier to manage for this wide range of important products, resulting in reduced project cost.

Take a look at our 'Solutions' page for more detail of our our capabilities.


International Projects Group Email:
Electrical Products Tel: +44 (0)1349 868000
Cables Tel: +44 (0)1224 854100


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